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Monitor website changes. Keep historical records. Automate repetitive tasks and save your precious time.

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Status Tracking


Track prices for products on any website and be alerted immediatelly when the price changes. Track stock prices, delivery dates, out-of-stocks, offers, discounts, deals, deadlines, extensions, expirations, event tickets, audition results, flight availability, advertisements, software releases, security advisories.


Competitor Monitoring


Be notified when competitors have changed their page or pricing, introduces a new feature, releases a new product, or cancels an existing product line. Keep tabs on what your competitors are working on and respond quickly. Track how your or your competitor website really ranks in Search Engine Results Pages.


Monitor your website's health


Detect errors, defacement attacks, or other business-critical website changes, even on complex web apps or multi-step sequences before your customer does.


Social Media, News and PR Monitoring & Archiving


Be the first to know the breaking news that matters most to you. Filter out the noise. Track changes and capture snapshots throughout the day. Know when key websites, forums, blogs or social media accounts mention your name or your competitor. Get customer review alerts. Ensure your SEO backlinks are present.


Legal & Compliance Monitoring


Ensure compliance on key web pages. Watch for potential risk. Track changes to legislation, specifications and requirements. Cloud archiving for legal and compliance.


Text Tracking


Record changes in articles and see the differences over time. Get notified when your favorite websites are updated or when a pre-defined keyword appear in a page.


Jobs and vacancies


Be notified when a new job offer or vacancy is posted.


Property listings


Monitoring real estate agents or aggregator sites.



Step 1: Go to any web page you want to monitor

Step 2: Open the Hunter app via bookmarklet

Step 3: Select the parts of the page that should be monitored

Step 4: Save the new monitor and get a detailed email notification when the page changes


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Use the Hunter app to select elements to monitor, directly on the webpage. No copy-pasting URLs

Monitor text and number changes to alert only about changes that matter to you

Simple ignore filter blocks irrelevant changes and reduces false positives

You decide how the change results look like

Cloud-based solution with issue tracking and support

All monitor management on a single page

Powerfull check schedule with 10 minute minimum checks

Archive website changes and see the changes over time

Use the Scriber browser extension to perform browser actions

(pages behind logins, custom filters etc.)

Run custom JavaScript (CasperJS or Puppeteer)

Use Files webpage for custom files and scripts

Remove Cookie Banners, Ads and Overlays automatically

Thorough error reporting and logs

Mobile ready with search, tags and infinite scroll

Friendly user guide and intro videos

Get notified in 65+ different ways

REST API for all your needs

Flexible crediting


Who uses RunApe?

Corporate Marketing & Strategy Staff
Corporate Compliance
Governmental Agencies
IT Staff
Small Business Owners Officers
Legal Teams
Reputation Managers
Corporate Executives
PR Teams


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